At one point or another we have all done things that are so utterly stupid all we can do is laugh ourselves silly over them. Whether its walking into a wall, or falling up a flight of stairs, we have all been in one of those situations where we cant believe what just happened.

One of these stories that is circulating on the Internet is about a man who locked himself out of his car. While this story may or may not be true, it certainly provides a good laugh.

Ill preface this by saying Im usually not a stupid man but I was at the end of my third 16-hour shift in a row and I was very tired. Ill make this quick:

I got off work, went out to my car, hit the button for the doors on my remote unlocker as usual. Nothing happened. I tried it a few more times, battery must be dead. I stand there for 10 minutes, mashing the little button, hoping for enough juice to open the doors. Nada.

I call a locksmith, explain that Im locked out of my car. He says hell be right over. 20 minutes later he arrives. He walks up with his tools, inserts a thing that looks like a blood pressure cuff in the door jamb. He starts making conversation as it inflates, pushing the door open.

So locked your keys in the car? No problem sir, Ill have it open in a minute, the locksmith says.

No, my keys are right here, my key fob is dead, I replied.

He stops and for about 10 seconds doesnt say a word. He sees my keys in my hands. Takes them from me, inserts them in the lock and opens the door.

I was mortified. I was so in a habit of opening the doors with my remote fob that I entirely forgot that keys could be slotenmaker amsterdam oost used to unlock cars manually. He started laughing so hard I thought he was going to have an aneurysm. After he stopped laughing, he told me there was no charge.

The story hed have to tell was worth the drive out.(H/T LittleThings)

This is absolutely priceless. In the world of electronic gizmos we live in, it is sometimes easy to forget that things can still be done the old-fashioned way.

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Thursday, August 27th, 2015