How do i get a key made for a mobile home door?

posted on 03 Sep 2015 03:01 by nettie6roman
Examine LockDetermine whether the mobile home door already has a lock and needs a replacement key, or it needs a new lock all together.

Determine if Assistance is RequiredCall a locksmith if a replacement key is needed. Often, a locksmith will come online slotenmaker to your home to fit the door lock for a key. If a new lock is needed for the door, they are easily obtainable at most hardware stores. Or you may find the product you need online.

Select a New Lock if NeededDetermine the best product for your needs. Specialized knobs are used because mobile home doors are generally made to fit minimum government requirements. These lock systems come with keys ready to use and keys, may be copied at any locksmith store.

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