No stores have a door lock/handle set which fits?

posted on 01 Sep 2015 03:02 by nettie6roman
Our slot vervangen front-door handle is so worn out, such that one cannot open the door anymore.

Without the handle, the 'CTC' center-to-center distance between the 2 bore holes

is exactly 8.0 inches; yet all the major hardware stores have only 8.5-inch handles

(or some other handles whose measurements are not-at-all adaptable for our door).

I've scoured the internet and even visited sites like 'Schlage', but the specifications

for ALL their lock/handle sets don't say anything about the "sizes" of their handles.

It seems our only option for now is hiring a locksmith, who'll bore another hole and

install everything for a whopping $450. Surely there must be a better/cheaper way.